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The Work Well


The Work Well

Coaching- What is a Life Coach? Who needs a Business Coach?

First, the word coach has you on the right track. A person who instructs, inspires, and mentors to help achieve a goal. We are all familiar with coaches in sports, especially professional sports where big money is at stake. Name me one player who is at the top of the world in their sport that doesn't have a coach? Makes me wish I was a college football coach- they earn millions. Who in Georgia doesn't know the name of Coach Mark Richt? (this is a trick question, as I am a Georgia Bulldawg).

So what does a life coach DO?

We'll start with what they don't do. They do not provide professional counseling. They do not address serious problems of depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts.

That said, if you need help with any of the following contact us:

  • Determining your priorities
  • Selecting or advancing in your profession
  • Finding your purpose
  • Interacting with co-workers and bosses
  • Getting out of debt
  • Preparing for marriage- (whether you've found him yet or not)
  • Rejoining the social scene post divorce
  • Returning to School
  • Saying No
  • Getting Ready for a Major change
  • Time Management
  • Ending Timidity and Worry
  • Working Smarter, Not Harder
  • Making more time for your family and friends
  • Finding a hobby/activity/sport
  • Balancing Work and Life
  • Dealing with Clutter and Organization
  • Planning for your Future
  • Ensuring Your Retirement
  • Preserving Your Health
  • Moving Past Fears

How will you as my Life Coach help me with all that?

The Work Well believes that all things are intertwined and that you cannot have a happy life with a bad job. That a poor marriage will sabotage your children. That ignoring your health will doom your purpose. We look at your life across all spectrums: spiritual, financial, employment, growth, education, nutrition, exercise, social activity, recreation, belief systems, experiences, and service to name a few. We usually find the pattern you are stuck in but either cannot see or cannot get far enough away from to change. We help you set goals, craft a plan to reach those goals and tweak the plan as you go along. Including us increases the odds that you will do what you say because 1) you are telling someone about it, 2) they are expecting it and 3) you are spending energy and resources to bring it about. That is a fundamental recipe for change in the universe.

Ready to change your life with The Work Well? Contact Us Now We'll send you our Personal Assessment, available in instant download, to get started and our fee structure

Who needs a Business Coach?

Anyone who wants more from their business and hasn't been able to get it. If you needed paper plates for your office and didn't know where they were sold, would you go cut down a tree, boil and strain the pulp and make some? Or would you just ask someone else who knew?

As small businesses we often get stuck re-creating the wheel because we mistakenly believe its cheaper! It is almost never cheaper. If you have to spend one entire Saturday each month doing your books, you might think it saves you money over having a CPA right? Wrong. The hidden costs are huge. You are more likely to make a mistake for which you will be penalized and which may have to be corrected by a professional anyway. You lose precious down time so a minimum of one Monday each month you come in tired and burned out, and consequently impact your productivity for the day. Your loved ones miss you on that Saturday, which, like the Mastercard commercials, is priceless. I know. I've "saved money by doing it myself."

There is another way. If you could get the help but not worry that it would keep you from paying your payroll and mortgage, who wouldn't? Welcome to The Work Well. We give your success the resources it needs to not have to re-create the wheel. And if you can't afford us, we'll find our fees in your improved profits. Don't forget, at the end of the day, we all went into business to increase our profits.

So what does a Business Coach DO?

We think. A lot. We take the raw information you supply in the form of experiences, skill, resources and dreams and we help you set goals you can reach. We'll build a blueprint for you to follow so you don't get overwhelmed and we'll stay close by, watching over your progress to correct when you drift off target, to encourage and most of all to provide the accountability - the "I have to get this done" that is necessary to your growth. We also merge over into the areas covered by life coaching. Why? Because your business IS your life and your life tends to shape your business. No good business coach could ignore the whole. Body, mind and spirit are meant to be nurtured together.

Ready to grow your business and stop losing money and sleep with The Work Well? Contact Us Now We'll send you our Business Assessment, available in instant download, to get started and our fee structure

Should I use The Work Well?

We are not only qualified to do what we do, but just as importantly it is our purpose to remove the obstacles that block your pursuit of your purpose. If you've ever worked with someone who has found their purpose and works with their gift you know the difference. This is not a job. This is what I was meant to do.

Now, there will be plenty of people who are not a good fit for The Work Well. I've found in doing legal work for over ten years that there will always be people who are not my "audience." I teach my clients to learn the valuable lessons I've suffered through, working with those who are not in your audience exhausts you and never gives back enough to justify the effort.

Here are the top signs that The Work Well is not the right coach for you:

  • You do not listen well
  • You do not accept criticism or want to know what's wrong
  • You will not follow instructions
  • You will not agree to be accountable to your word - meaning do what you say you will do. This is not an issue of trying and falling short, it is an issue of not doing.
  • You believe that someone other than you is mostly to blame for wherever you are
  • You do not want to believe that the universe is friendly place that will help you if you act, believe and choose
  • You don't want to change
  • You don't want to do anything differently, especially if it might be hard

It is important that you know, that I may anger you in the process. I may aggravate you. I may seem hard and relentless from time to time. You have to break eggs to make omelets. Do I still like you? Yes, I would never coach a client I did not like and respect. But, just like in the gym, you shouldn't always feel bouncy and fresh after a "work out." If you do not connect and resonate with me, you should use another coach. Trust your intuition. Your bond and belief in me is what must carry you through the dark moments when you are too tired to lift your head to see your path. If you can make that commitment, I will honor and multiply your effort. Your success is my success and your success is my purpose.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.