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The Work Well

About Us

The Work Well

Tanya Stewart, Esq. founded The Stewart Law Firm in 2001 and The Work Well, providing consulting & solutions for women in business, in 2008. Her law firm specializes exclusively in the practice of Family Law, including divorce, child support, custody and alimony. She has been featured as a multi-day Family Law expert on WAOK AM 1380 since 2005. She is a member of the American Bar Association, American Association for Justice (formerly Association of Trial Lawyers of America), Cobb County Family Bar, Smyrna Business Association and the Board of Directors Network. She has served as the Chairman of the Board of Georgia Rainbows, an international child grief organization. She is an Ordained Minister and chaplains at Emory-Adventist Hospital in Smyrna. She has won National Moot Court competitions. She is a certified mediator and practicing Guardian Ad Litem to protect children in litigation.

Through The Work Well she teaches seminars, authors articles and consults on purpose, stress, spirituality and improves small businesses by coaching. She has been inducted into The Mensa Society, an organization for individuals scoring in the top 2% of the country's intelligence exams. She is in the process of completing her first book.

Her approach to business is always holistic. First, where are you? Second, what is not as you want it to be? Third, what would have to change to make it so?

Where are you? She starts all consulting by doing an intense evaluation of where you are, what is wrong and how you got there. The initial assessment is between 10-15 pages long and then an interview and often on-site evaluation is necessary. We find that those ready to get more out of their business and life are ready to look hard at where they are.

What is not as you want it to be? Easier than telling me what is going wrong or not working, is to tell me what you WANT to see happen in your life and in your business. Do you want to be married? Do you need to be divorced? Does your business need to give you more income? More vacation? Employees need to harass you less? We need to know what your ideal is in order to craft a map...

What would have to change to make it so? We begin by finding all of the obvious and not so obvious ways to achieve your goals. It is said that goals are just dreams with a deadline. We believe this and throughout the process you agree to be accountable to us, to ensure you are taking the steps we jointly choose to get you where you are going.

Who has to do this? No one. But then...No one will make you change. No one will grow your business for you. No one will change your outlook from negative to positive. No one will suffer if you fail but you... You choose.