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Divorce Concerns?

The Work Well was founded by Tanya Stewart, Esq. a 10+ year family lawyer, who specializes in high conflict, high asset divorces. She owns and runs The Stewart Law Firm, where a female entrepreneur's interests combine with solid spiritual beliefs. Check out for information, including fee estimates.

You built it, Let Us Protect It

Personal Coaching

We unite belief with action.

Excuses. Delays. Accidents. Work. Family. Education… How many things have stopped you, blocked you and held you to the ridiculous idea that “you can’t…” You can’t start a business. You can’t get married. You can’t lose weight. You can’t sing. You can’t be outgoing. You can’t be rich. You can’t be a minister. You can’t be happy. You can’t say no. You can’t get that job. You can’t be a single mother. You can’t make new friend. We will help you stop that voice and replace it with a new one. Our purpose is to clear the obstacles that block your progress to your true purpose.

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Business Coaching

We give success a deadline.

You will succeed because we expect it. No. Really. Success is nothing more than goals, planning, and continuous efforts that eventually, always find a way. We’ll dig your goals out of storage, provide structure to the planning and you’ll perform because you agree to be accountable for your business through us. We are teachers who give homework where the grade is your future. As you complete your assignments you’ll notice that you and your business are growing, making money, feeling confident. No more fear, no more shame, no more “what ifs.” You will cross the line and we’ll be there to cheer.

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Why Us, Why Now

There’re ONLY 3 types of business owners:
Those who Get Wealth;
Those who Get Struggle; and
Those who Get Help.

Where are YOU?

It’s even a narrower consideration for your personal life- things are either going according to your plan or they’re not? A bit of a trick question, because if you are like most people you don’t have a clear plan to make things better, you just deal with things as they come up. Well, how is that working for you? Continue to do what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always gotten. No exceptions.

Do something, do anything, but don’t sit it out, its your turn. The Work Well has been on the frontline of legal, financial, spiritual, and business crisis resolution for ten years and we’ve noticed something. Just like the rich getting richer, the happy get happier. They know the secret. Well, so do we and we like to share!

What have you got to lose?

Flip response? No. Valid question. If you are like most people the following are at stake:

Your health - Your family time and unity - Your faith - Your finances

Do something. Not tomorrow, Not later. Not next year. Right now. Choose.

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Focus of The Month

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